I’ll be honest, not that I am not usually, but, I really find it difficult to eat in a healthy manner. I mean, I eat healthy portions and I use healthy ingredients, but more often than not, those healthy ingredients are besieged by an onslaught of fat; be it cream, pork fat, butter, you know that really […]

If there ever was flavor in layers, this dish had it for me. The thick slice of fresh heirloom tomato, the avocado, then the crab soaked in the lime dressing with jalapenos! I’m telling you, this was the first time I made this, but most certainly will not be the last. So I’m browsing the fresh vegetable […]

Bear with me, I’ll get to the scallops in a minute… So…I’ve been on somewhat of a hiatus. Oh the things I have seen and eaten…well, actually seen plenty, but eaten, nothing really eventful. I just wanted to be dramatic. I did manage to squeeze in a really nice vacation. Nothing too fancy, like actually buying an […]

“Quin-who? Quin-what?” That’s pretty much the reaction I got from my wife when I told here what I was making. “I don’t like radishes!” she proclaims. Yeah, well, all that skepticism ceased when she took a fork full. Up until this day, when this dish was made, I had never eaten quinoa pronounced KEEN-wah or KEE-no-uh for […]

Waste not, want not, right? I will say that I am very much a fan of leftovers. It is just Beck and me here, but I usually cook enough for 4 or more servings. If it’s a weeknight, after we eat, we’ll pack up the leftovers for lunch the next day. Or sometimes I’ll try and get […]

Another mouthful. And my feeble attempt at a garnish is a wilted piece of flat-leaf parsley. Maybe next time I’ll wait for my lights to be set before adding the garnish to a hot dish. I apologize for that. But the pic may not look it, but the dish was screaming! I got the idea from watching […]

Behold! Creamy pasta with no cream and plenty of flavor. I know that I am hardly the first to come up with something like this; I am not that boneheaded, but man was I sure proud when I took the first bite of this dish. I mean it. ‘Course, I was hungry, too. You know how you […]

Well, we’ve dumped our ISP. They came back on line on Tuesday with a really, really weak apology, something to the affect of “we’re sorry for any inconvenience the outage has caused…” What?! They went dark with no notice and there was no way to contact anyone. Their business office is about a mile from my house […]

The pasta salad can be a thing of beauty or a complete failure. I have made both and I have had both. The pasta salads that are served at the cafeteria where I work are consistently bland, dry, and with overcooked mushy noodles. What’s worse is that they charge for them by the ounce!!! So I pay […]

And yet…another episode in the Lobels experiment. I cannot express to you enough how much this investment tasted. I guess I really was anticipating a high ROI (return on investment for you cooks out there) with such a large outflow of dollars for meat that is already rather expensive. I mean, with the purchase from Lobels I […]