And yet…another episode in the Lobels experiment. I cannot express to you enough how much this investment tasted. I guess I really was anticipating a high ROI (return on investment for you cooks out there) with such a large outflow of dollars for meat that is already rather expensive. I mean, with the purchase from Lobels I […]

What you see there is the absolute best steak I have ever eaten in my life. Believe me when I tell you that I am not exaggerating. I have eaten a lot of steak in my like; from shoe leather, well-done crispy critters, to a succulent, melt in your mouth Kobe strip. But this Akaushi steak has […]

With them popping up on more and more fine dining menus and all over the blogosphere, short ribs are becoming more and more fashionable. I have used short ribs for years in stews, but I have to say that wine braised is my favorite method for this relatively inexpensive beefy cut. The first time I had short […]

What a luxury in depressing times, huh? Well when one thinks about it, it is much cheaper to stay at home and prepare a luxurious meal, provided one has the skills, than it is to roll out to the steakhouse and order a la carte. This was the Valentine’s day meal I prepared for Beck and myself. […]

So I’m browsing my links and I come across Robin’s cowboy steak post and I think to myself, hmmmm, I have to have that NOW. So let it be written, so let it be done. And it was done, medium rare. I started with a grass fed, well marbled, bone-in ribeye. Ain’t she perty? That’s 41 ounces […]

Honestly, I had never heard of this dish until I saw it on Alton Brown’s show Good Eats. I imagine had I frequented French restaurants I would have seen it on menus. From what I gather, it is a popular French dish. But I got turned off to French restaurants when I was in my twenties because […]