“Quin-who? Quin-what?” That’s pretty much the reaction I got from my wife when I told here what I was making. “I don’t like radishes!” she proclaims. Yeah, well, all that skepticism ceased when she took a fork full. Up until this day, when this dish was made, I had never eaten quinoa pronounced KEEN-wah or KEE-no-uh for […]

Waste not, want not, right? I will say that I am very much a fan of leftovers. It is just Beck and me here, but I usually cook enough for 4 or more servings. If it’s a weeknight, after we eat, we’ll pack up the leftovers for lunch the next day. Or sometimes I’ll try and get […]

The pasta salad can be a thing of beauty or a complete failure. I have made both and I have had both. The pasta salads that are served at the cafeteria where I work are consistently bland, dry, and with overcooked mushy noodles. What’s worse is that they charge for them by the ounce!!! So I pay […]