If there ever was flavor in layers, this dish had it for me. The thick slice of fresh heirloom tomato, the avocado, then the crab soaked in the lime dressing with jalapenos! I’m telling you, this was the first time I made this, but most certainly will not be the last. So I’m browsing the fresh vegetable […]

Bear with me, I’ll get to the scallops in a minute… So…I’ve been on somewhat of a hiatus. Oh the things I have seen and eaten…well, actually seen plenty, but eaten, nothing really eventful. I just wanted to be dramatic. I did manage to squeeze in a really nice vacation. Nothing too fancy, like actually buying an […]

Behold! Creamy pasta with no cream and plenty of flavor. I know that I am hardly the first to come up with something like this; I am not that boneheaded, but man was I sure proud when I took the first bite of this dish. I mean it. ‘Course, I was hungry, too. You know how you […]

Now here’s a dish representing, I think, a cultural history that is one of the tastiest; Creole and Native American. I guess it is technically Acadian French (Cajun) and Native American, but I like to Creole it up a bit. Plus, Southern Louisiana dishes always have me befuddled as to which is Creole specifically and which is […]