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Comment from: Elle [Visitor]
ElleI've removed the two recipes of theirs that I'd just blogged about, and won't be using any more of theirs. What are they thinking? People are buzzing about them, but not in a good way.
07/24/08 @ 16:08
Comment from: Vicki [Visitor]
VickiOh, how I wish I had posted something of theirs!

I like Tempered Woman's comment on Melissa's post that said all food bloggers should refer to CI/ATK as "They who shall not be named".
07/24/08 @ 17:46
Comment from: krysta [Visitor]

i have also posted again about this. i can't believe how this happened.
07/24/08 @ 19:50
Comment from: Kim [Visitor]
KimDonald, where did you ever get that gavel and law book? Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, I might have missed this.
07/24/08 @ 22:22
JennDZ_The LeftoverQueenI am so glad to see this popping up all over the blogosphere. Karma sure is a biotch when you are ATK/CI/CC. :P
07/25/08 @ 11:33
Comment from: sharon [Visitor]
sharonCI has definitely gotten publicity in the worst kind of way. I've used their recipes in the past and have no desire to in the future. It's quite hypocritical to base your business on reinventing classic recipes but then claiming that no one can alter yours! STFU is right.
07/25/08 @ 12:17
Comment from: Nikki [Visitor]
NikkiYeah, thanks for alerting everyone to this. I don't know where my loyalties lie. I just know I won't be paying $29.95 for new subscriptions.

I am not trying to hear those people right now. :lalala:
07/25/08 @ 19:06
Comment from: Donald [Member] Email
DonaldElle: I removed my credit to them that I had here as well. I am cancelling my online sub too.

Vicki: Methinks Melissa has another reference to CI/ATK that is far better...:D

Krysta: I saw your post; read your blog everyday. Thanks for your voice in this matter. Melissa's issue really bothered me.

Kim: I belong to a buy-as-you-go photo service. I think that the entire blogosphere needs to know about this crap.

Jen: It needs to be known. At first, Melissa was very reluctant to do anything. I am glad that she reconsidered.

Sharon: I know!!! My wife is always chiding me on how I fly by the seat of my pants with recipes. I use them for inspiration rather than a scientific combination of elements from the peroidic chart. I mean, potato salad? They own the rights to it? Puhleeeeeeze!

Nikki: Yeah, I have a sub to their online service and yet I have not blogged their recipes. I make them my own; that's where my loyalties lie. This is a sad, sad case.
07/26/08 @ 04:35
Comment from: medierranean kiwi [Visitor]
medierranean kiwihi donald
i hope you didn't think i wouldn't use the internet to research a recipe just because i am more likely to cook seasonally locally and traditionally. i just meant that i wouldn't go to the trouble of actually paying money to a company to let me access their recipes, although i do realise that a website recipe source is just another cookbook but not in print.
i am definitely not a professional cook - in fact i wouldn't cook the way i do now if it weren't for my family. i always research my recipes over the net anyway, because there are so many variations on a local dish, just from one village to another, and more people are writing about these differences now with the more widespread use of the web. anyone will see how much i research recipes from the number of links i use in each one, despite the fact that i cook food which most of my neighbours and friends will be cooking at any time in the same week that i cooked the meal
the most important thing to happen from alosha's recent post was the discussion that ensued - which shows just what you said - we all love the blogosphere camaraderie
07/26/08 @ 11:44
Comment from: kat [Visitor]
katSomething I thought was interesting was the day this all started being talked about on all the blogs the top key word search that led to my blog was Cook's Illustrated. Now that made me wonder if someone out there was searching my blog for their stolen recipes!
07/28/08 @ 11:21

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