Black Pepper Pappardelle With Prosciutto, Pancetta, Peas, and Creamy Leeks

Another mouthful.

And my feeble attempt at a garnish is a wilted piece of flat-leaf parsley. Maybe next time I’ll wait for my lights to be set before adding the garnish to a hot dish. I apologize for that. But the pic may not look it, but the dish was screaming!

I got the idea from watching Jamie Oliver on his Saturday morning show. I’ve always liked Jamie Oliver. I can dig his rustic approach. And his garden, or small farm, has me exponentially envious. In this episode he showcased leeks. And well, we like leeks.

Jamie’s dish was a simple one with slow pan-roasted leeks covered in prosciutto with homemade pappardelle. So let’s see, we’ve got homemade pasta, sauteed leeks, and pork. So I decided to put my spin on it.


I split and sliced the leeks and got them into a water bath.

Then I started with an easy pasta configuration of 5 eggs, lots of black pepper, 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour, and 1 1/2 semolina flour.

The flour was slowly incorporated into the eggs while beating the eggs. Then I turned the dough out onto a floured board and kneaded the dough for about 8 – 10 minutes. I made the dough into a ball, covered with a damp towel, and left it for 30 minutes.

I rolled out the dough on my KA pasta roller and began to rustically cut the strips. They were floured and set in little nests so as to not dry stick.

On to the pancetta…

This was rendered up until crisp.

I poured off the fat as the pancetta left some undesirable residue. Then I melted 1/2 stick of butter over medium low heat.

The leeks were added and topped with the prosciutto.

…fully covering the leeks in porky prosciutto goodness…

I let this simmer slowly for 35 minutes. Then removed the prosciutto and coarsely chopped it. The leeks were perfect.

Then into the pan with the leeks went 1 cup of heavy cream, a handful of frozen peas, 1/2 cup freshly grated Parmesan, 1/2 cup freshly grated pecorino, 4 cloves of pressed garlic, the pancetta, and the prosciutto.

This simmered for about 15 minutes whilst I occasionally stirred it to incorporate the cheese.

While this was simmering, I cooked the pappardelle in boiling salted water for about 2 minutes then topped them with this leeky, porky, creamy, cheesy, yummy mixture.

It may not photograph well, but this was one heavenly dish. Thanks for the inspiration Jamie!