Baked Eggs

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Baked eggs with polenta, cheese, and bacon! Yes!

First, let me thank Robin at Caviar and Codfish, formerly known as Clumsy Cook who grew as a cook into a great cook, IMHO. She made this dish in her $10 or $12 dollar cast iron ramekins from Wal-Mart. I saw them on her blog and as I can get sometimes, I got enthralled. So much to the point that I just had to taste it. I HAD to! And alas, I did. And It was good.

I didn’t stray from her recipe at all except for the fact that I bake my bacon and I couldn’t find those cast iron ramekins. I did find some similar ramekins though; they were considerably more expensive, but like my blogging friend Erin from Erin Cooks will tell you, it’s okay to have a little All Clad in your collection. Isn’t it?

My baked eggs came out perfectly although they did not look nearly as pretty as Robin’s. I would suggest that you push an indentation in the center of the cheese/polenta layer before cracking the egg so that the egg will be centered. My bacon began to um, how you say, “creep”? It was still crisp though.

The biggest problem we had was that these nice pots never, NEVER, would release their heat from the oven so that we could actually eat the damn dish! We had to wait and we couldn’t. I felt like a Pavlovian dog with a large piece of meat three inches from me and yet I couldn’t reach it. We painstakingly got to eat, “eat from the outside in”, as my great grandmom used to tell me when I was eating something hot like cream of wheat. So we applied that method. It somewhat worked.

They were so good that Beck told me that they had to be now added to our breakfast rotation which has been growing full of the normalcy of most breakfast dishes, scrambled, baked, or fried something or other. Tons of frittatas and pancakes, but this, this, was pure go-right-back-to-sleep material. On the sleepy scale they are a 5 and that is as high as it goes. This is a Sunday morning dish ONLY! We felt so comfortable and fulfilled from this breakfast that I will not EVER make it before waxing the cars! Remember, we gave it 5 sleepies! You heard me? You’ve been warned.
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